The communal power of music and art

We sat down with Stevie, a young student, artist and musician, who shared his belief that music and art can make a big impact on communities. StudioY: How are you currently involved in your community? SD: I am an artist. I am currently on a mission to spread positivity and love through my music. Music is a great way of getting heard by today's youth. I feel like there is an over saturation of mixed and misleading messages in a lot of today's pop music. I am currently creating and staying on my toes for opportunities to take the stage and influence my peers to step out of their comfort [...]

Change starts with a solid foundation

  We caught up with Jaxson, a political activist, entrepreneur, and advocate for accessible education. He shares his point of view on achieving long-term sustainable change. StudioY: How are you currently involved in your community? Jaxson: I am involved in one of Canada's fastest growing startups, Influitive. In addition to my day-to-day responsibilities, I handle our community relations and support the entrepreneurship and innovation community through partnerships and events. Outside of my full-time role, I serve as an advisor to youth profits. The first is with Young Diplomats of Canada, a non-profit that I co-founded which recruits, trains, and coordinates young professional delegations to global governance summits. The second organization [...]

Positive impact for positive change

An educator and consultant for at-risk youth, Segun shares his passion for creating equality and eradicating poverty. Studio Y: How are you currently involved in your community? Segun: I am currently involved in my community as an educator, a capacity builder and a consultant for at-risk youth. I heavily focus my efforts on youth facing multiple barriers. SY: What social issues do you care about deeply? Segun: The social issues I care about most are ones that I feel strongly about and believe can change: poverty, the economy/jobs and sustainable growth. These are issues I am deeply affected by and are some of the things I’m committed to help resolve. [...]

The actions of one can affect the lives of many

Aaron, a young leader chats with us about all the ways active community involvement and human rights advocacy can build a better future. Studio Y: How are you currently involved in your community? Aaron: I am involved in my community in several ways. First, I work for a provincial Indigenous non-profit organization whose focus is on HIV/AIDS support, education, and prevention. Second, I try to actively participate in community events - powwows, drum socials, art exhibits, and peaceful demonstrations. Not only am I present, I also do my best to help out, spread the word, or advocate. Rarely do I get to go back home to my community of Sheguiandah [...]

Embracing diversity and culture: the future looks bright

Kaya, a young trailblazer in the media industry, shares her fresh perspective and initiatives on fair representation of diversity and culture in the workplace and in her community. Studio Y: Describe yourself in a tweet. Kaya: Millennial Outlier. SY: How are you currently involved in your community? KP: I am very passionate about equal representation of diversity and culture, especially in my community – the place I call home. I attend numerous cultural events and discussions to show my support for the cause. There is strength in numbers! SY: What social issues do you care most about and why? KP: The social issue that I care deeply about is diversity. [...]

Youth to reboot Ontario’s community initiatives for the next century

Ontario’s progress through the next 150 years depends on one of its greatest natural resources: today’s young people We’re looking to you for a fresh perspective on how tomorrow should look and what support young leaders like you need to bring that vision to life. How have you succeeded in having an impact before? What barriers have you faced? What would be possible if they were removed? The Youth Impact Summit is your chance to let us know. The insights you share here will directly shape government policy and guide funding decisions through the Youth Opportunities Fund at the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Policy makers will attend and be listening [...]